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By admin in 集团财经 on 2019年10月30日

    Welcome to November, a month that has already been made more
tolerable byhaving working underfloor bathroom heating for the first
time in over a year (seeyesterday’s EMR for more on this)! I hope you
had a good Halloween. When Iwas growing up I don’t really remember that
much fuss being made of this eventperhaps partly as less attention was
made of it back then in the UK and alsobecause my Dad used to hate it
and detest kids knocking on our door. They endedup being too scared of
him to leave a trick and therefore left us out completely! Idon’t think
I’ve been scarred for life but it was a bit of a shock to get home
lastnight to find cut out pumpkins all over the kitchen with candles
inside. It seemsmy adult family are going to celebrate Halloween in a
very different way to

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